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Rexmoi controls temperature and humidity

Rexmoi® has now become a multipurpose tool with the ability to control temperature and humidity with applications such as drying various products, cooking at low temperatures, and controlled cooling of products. The units are sealed enclosed chambers which allows control of the atmosphere within, using smart controls and refrigeration technology.

Air flow around the product is an important factor of how well the system works. There are different trolleys and trays and variable air flow to optimise this. Filters are used to control product particles in the chamber. An air sanitising system can be added.

The Rexmoi® technology is not limited to our current units. It can be used to control the atmosphere in an existing environment, designed to suit your requirements. The existing units can be used for trials to obtain the information necessary to design a unit or environment to suit your product or situation.

The Rexmoi® technology is not limited to food products. We have supplied a unit that heats and cures a material product at various temperatures for a certain length of time. The reason for choosing the Rexmoi® method is it a safer method of heating volatile products as there is no exposed electric elements or gas fire.

This technology is available from Drying Solutions Ltd who are appearing at FoodTech PackTech on Stand 2100.

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